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Umbra and his lethal spider friend are the newest Rogue Company characters

Umbra Rogue Company

The success of Rogue Company continues, and the constant arrival of new characters is a sign of it.

Rogue Company continues to add new playable characters. Hi-Rez Studio, in conjunction with developer First Watch Games, has released Umbra. The new character coming to the game is an unstoppable hitman who has been selected by the evil Jackal Organization to take down the Rogue Company.

Kill them all with this assassin

Umbra is a high-ranking Jackal assassin who is very dedicated to the organization after it saved his life after a botched operation left him gravely injured and left for dead.

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His body, however, was retrieved by Jackal, who was able to preserve his life thanks to several cybernetic implants. This new character saw this as a rebirth and became a more dedicated assassin than ever before, climbing through the ranks to become the organization’s top hitman.

A mechanical spider detaches itself from the back of Umbra’s skull in this frightening but lethal unveiling of the character. Although the full function of this new character’s arachnid companion is unknown, all indications are that players will be able to control the spider as a drone, safely scanning the battlefield ahead and revealing enemy positions, as well as following Umbra and attacking nearby opponents who get too close.

Umbra and his lethal arachnid friend are now available in Rogue Company. The game is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Watch the reveal trailer of Umbra down below!