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Unbound Saga Launches as PSP Digital Download

Vogster Entertainment today announced that Unbound Saga, the anticipated arcade-style brawler for the PSP, is now available exclusively via digital download on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. The wait is over and gamers can now fight their way through the ten episodes of hard punching arcade brawler action that can only be found in Unbound Saga.

The Unbound Saga video game is based on the recently released comic book of the same name from Dark Horse Comics, a leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels. Unbound Saga brings the dynamic visual style of the 2D comic world to life in a 3D arcade brawler, where the heroic duo of Rick Ajax and Lori Machete punch, kick and smash their way through level after level of bizarre foe to get to the final show down with The Maker, the comic book creator that shapes their every battle.

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