Unreal Championship Review

Developer: Digital Extremes Publisher: Atari
Release Date: November 12, 2002 Also On: None

Unreal Championship is a game of solid action shooting. You build your own team to take into the Unreal Championship Tournament and make your way up the rankings. Unreal Championship is very easy to learn; there is a tutorial mode that teaches you step by step how to play the game. There are no real difficulty settings in the game. The game gets harder depending on the way you play in the game. If you are lousy, the CPU is lousy. If you are awesome, you will have a harder CPU difficulty.

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The graphics are one that starts to turn heads. The graphics on the people during the opening of the game may not be that great, but when you are in the game, they’re really good. The environments are expansive and all look great.

This version of Unreal supports a lot of voice acting. There is taunting in the game as well as great sound in the gun combat. Lightning guns crack like real thunder and rocket launchers blow rockets out with an exploding sound as they do in real life.

The game is one of many different types of the same thing. Doom and Quake are an example. What makes this game stand out is the action during the gameplay. It is better than any of these games. This is the best of the 3 right now. Any FPS fan will pick this game up because of the great action gameplay. All the physics of a great combat game are in here.

The game has a long life because of its Xbox Live play. The game itself doesn’t last you long, but beating people you don’t know on Xbox Live will keep you playing. This game will keep being played until a better game comes along and steals the spotlight. Load up these weapons because Unreal Championship is coming for you.

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 10
Creativity: 8.5
Replay Value/Game Length: 10
Final: 9.3
Written by Shawn Review Guide

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