Unreleased GBA game Dune: Ornithopter Assault is now Elland: The Crystal Wars

Elland: The Crystal Wars

After its cancellation in 2002, Elland: The Crystal Wars has been on standby for almost 20 years. That is until Retro Room Games acquired the game’s license with the intention of finishing the project.

After a successful Gelatinous: Humanity Lost Kickstarter campaign, indie developer Retro Room Games has announced that they have a new project on the horizon. The retro-inspired game developer shared that they have taken over the licenses for a game that was originally meant to be in the Dune universe. Elland: The Crystal Wars is a cancelled game for the Game Boy Advance. They will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to finish its development.

Another forgotten title to come back to life

Elland: The Crystal Wars, which was originally licensed with the Dune IP, is the reincarnation of a previously canceled game developed by Soft Brigade two decades ago. The property was held by Cryo Interactive. Prior to its cancellation, the original title for the game was Dune: Ornithopter Assault.

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Elland: The Crystal Wars is a first-person flying shooter set in a harsh desert world on the Galaxy’s outskirts. Elland has become a wealthy and beautiful planet as a result of its mining activities and abundance of minerals and crystals.

Defeat the infamous and aggressive Trafford, who wants to control Elland with his financial and military muscle and intends to use any and all resources to get what he wants. To defeat the enemy, use high-damage bombs, long-range missiles, and an unlimited supply of Grays Cannon ammo.

If you enjoy retro games and are interested in this new title being developed by The Retro Room Games, the Kickstarter campaign will be launched before the end of this year. You can also access the campaign by clicking here and setting a reminder for when the campaign is active.

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Watch the game trailer down below!

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