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User-created content may be the best feature in Skater XL

Skater XL officially launches in a couple of weeks. And while we’ve covered the game quite a bit in Steam Early Access, there are still more features that have us excited.

We’ve mentioned how a new update adds powerslide, mo-cap animations, and other game improvements. However, the main feature that may really set this game apart is the user-generated content.

“Since the Early Access launch of Skater XL, the modding community has grown to a humbling 84,000 members who have created thousands of amazing maps, fake skate brands, and gear,” says Dain Hedgpeth, co-founder of developer Easy Day Studios. “This is just the beginning of our plans to involve the community as we look towards launch and beyond.”

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Community-created content will be available in the full launch of Skater XL on consoles. Three new maps created by the game’s PC modding community will be the first Skater XL modding content available on all platforms. The maps include ‘Streets’ by Jean-Olive, ‘Hudland Training Facility’ by Pactole, and the world debut of ‘Grant Skate Park’ by Theo.

It’s the user-generated content and the large modding community that ultimately may set Skater XL apart from its better-known competitors. The game will have to go head-to-head with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 – which launches in September. Eventually, EA is also releasing Skate 4.

In addition to a full PC release, Skater XL is coming to PS4Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on July 28. It is already available for $19.99 through Steam Early Access.

Watch the Mods & Community Trailer below!