V Rising is a vampire survival game where you build your own castle

V Rising

V Rising was announced today. It’s an open-world vampire survival game with inspiration from Castlevania.

Awaken from millennia of slumber as a weakened vampire to escape a dangerous universe. When you play as a vampire in V Rising, you must search for blood in neighboring settlements to restore strength and quench your hunger. It comes from Swedish indie developer Stunlock Studios.

“The team was inspired by everything from classic gothic horror fiction to Netflix’s Castlevania to create a realm of strife in which vampires, humans, and supernatural beasts coexist in a precarious equilibrium,” said Johan Ilves, Marketing Director at Stunlock Studios.

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“We want to give players the entire vampire experience, which includes escaping the burning sunlight, searching for blood, and constructing their castle. This while playing with other teams and being pursued by vampire hunters. This is our most exciting game to date. We can’t wait to share more information in the near future,” Ilves adds.

Build your castle alone or with a friend

Stunlock Studios has revealed that the game allows both single-player and co-op. So you can wander the night solo or with a friend. You play as a recently awoken vampire who has been deprived of his supernatural powers. To live, you’ll feed on blood, and avoid the scorching light.

V Rising co-op screenshot

The game lets you build and customize your castle. As you rise in power and conquer the realm, you will be able to expand your castle, master unholy skills, and forge an arsenal of mighty arms and armor. You can also seduce humans to become your vampire slaves, assisting you in your acts of evil.

Release date

V Rising is coming to PC via Steam later this year. A beta test is also in the works. After finding where the team found inspiration for V Rising, we’re excited to learn more about this vampire survival game that, if all goes well, will create a name for itself.

Watch the reveal trailer below!

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