Valorant is out now on PC


A new free-to-play shooter has entered an increasingly crowded space as Riot Games’ Valorant officially launches today on PC.

The five-versus-five competitive shooter was in closed beta for nearly two months. And the developers used the feedback that they received from the community to improve the game before its official release.

In his hands-on preview, Albert writes about how Valorant compares to some of its esport competitors:

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One of the things that make Valorant stand out from other esports titles such as Overwatch or even Riot’s own League of Legends is that there is never an incomprehensible flurry of abilities on screen. Since abilities are limited use rather than on cooldown, every ability use is more impactful and more strategic than ever before.

You can find out more about the game at

Click here to watch the cinematic launch trailer!

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