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Valorant release date revealed


Riot Games’ upcoming free-to-play shooter Valorant has an official release date.

The company best known for League of Legends will release Valorant on June 2. It will be downloadable from the game’s website.

According to our friends at Polygon:

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Valorant’s closed beta will end five days earlier, on May 28. The entire game will then go offline for maintenance as Riot prepares for launch. While many people have had the chance to play the game during the closed beta, all progress for every player will be reset when the game is actually released.

Along with the release date announcement, executive producer Anna Donlon and game director Joe Ziegler shared some of Riot’s post-launch plans for Valorant. Among them are a new game mode, a new character, and a new map. All of these elements are set to be released “shortly after” the June 2 launch, Riot said.

Riot Games has been busy lately. Last week, the company released Legends of Runeterra. It is a new mobile card battle game available on Android and iOS devices. That game is also free-to-play.

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