Counter-Strike 2
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Valve has confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 is a reality

After many rumors, they finally dropped the bombshell!

Finally, the wait is over, Counter-Strike 2 is a reality! As we have previously commented here at Game Freaks 365, Valve had already confirmed that there would be 5 Counter-Strike games, but such an early confirmation was not expected.

However, what has surprised all gamers the most is that it has not the official announcement of Counter-Strike 2. Valve has shared a lot of information about the changes that this new game engine will bring. In addition, they have shared the release date! The dream day for Counter-Strike fans has arrived!

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New Smoke Physics

Counter-Strike is one of the most important games for Valve. The American company has set out to perfect the franchise to the point of making it the ultimate shooter experience. And so they have announced 2 technical changes that the game will have, and one related to the visual aspect.

The smoke of the bombs has been one of the technical changes that will be added in Counter-Strike 2. For this edition, they explain in a technical video all the improvements that have been made in the smoke. In the past, the smoke from bombs was much more static.

This smoke did not interact with the scenery and was commonly used as an exploit in the game to achieve better positioning in the scenery. But, in this new edition of the franchise, physics has been added to the smoke of the bombs.

As can be seen in the video, the smoke now interacts with different elements of the game, among them: the scenery, player movements, bullets, or explosions. This will allow for greater dynamism when it comes to positioning strategies in the game.

Sub-ticks: the new big change in Counter-Strike 2

If you play shooters frequently, you will know very well what ticks are. Or even, you may have had a lot of annoyance due to ticks! The time between each action you perform in the game is divided by ticks. Spaces of time between performing a move, shooting, or changing weapons are divided into ticks.

Previously, in Counter-Strike the ticks had a predefined “space” of time. But, Valve wanted to change this to make the gameplay much more faithful to reality. Therefore, they have introduced “sub-ticks”.

The sub-ticks will completely change the way you play shooters. It even allows for much smaller reaction times so that you will have to be more attentive in every move. This means that in each game you will have to come up with new strategies to take advantage of this new game mechanic.

A more detailed world

As was also expected, Valve has worked on the aesthetics of Counter-Strike 2. The classic maps of the franchise will once again make their presence felt, but with a noticeable facelift as we can see in the video.

Valve has added not only new textures with more polygons to the map but also ray tracing and new lighting to the maps. This will result in a more dynamic environment in each of the games.

Counter-Strike 2 Beta

All these changes can be tested from today in a beta announced by Valve. It is planned that this beta will be closed by registration. However, up to the moment we are writing this news, Valve has not shared more information about this.

Still, players won’t have to wait long to be able to play Counter-Strike 2. Valve has announced that Counter-Strike 2 will be available free-to-play this summer. However, the exact date has not yet been confirmed. It is expected that as the summer approaches, Valve will finally give us a concrete date. But the wait is finally over!