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Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment Now Available on Xbox 360

Konami announced today that Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment, the latest in the classic tactical RPG series, is now available worldwide on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. Featuring newly designed mechanics, Flames of Judgment is the first next-generation installment of the RPG series with a top-notch visual presentation and a speedy RPG pace. The rich, character-driven storyline expands the universe further making Flames of Judgment the prequel to the original Vandal Hearts. Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment is now available for purchase on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft points.

In this tactical role-playing game, two rival kingdoms stand on the brink of war on the continent of Sostegaria. Caught in the tide of battle is young Tobias Martin, an orphan left alive in the wake of the last Great War. On a quest for peace in his homeland, Tobias joins forces with his friends to take on the enemy and avenge lost loved ones. A threat more deadly and menacing than they could have imagined crosses their path in the midst of war. As the massive battle unfolds across expansive environments, players will have to adapt to the gameplay styles of each character with a deep range of character customization options.

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