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Vaporum: Lockdown steampunk prequel launches on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Set off on this fascinating first-person real-time combat game with a secret-filled tale.

Fatbot Games, a Slovakian indie studio, revealed today that Vaporum: Lockdown is now available on consoles, seven months after arriving on Nintendo Switch. This grid-based dungeon crawler RPG is heavily influenced by traditional dungeon crawler games. It is the prequel to Vaporum.

The Vaporum series provides gameplay influenced by famous genre games such as Bioshock. It takes some features that at first remind us of Ken Levine’s work, but delivering a set of principles and dungeon crawler mechanics gives this series a unique gaming experience.

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Vaporum: Lockdown is set in an innovative steampunk scenario. It tells the narrative of Ellie Teller, a prominent scientist who strives to survive a cataclysmic catastrophe that happens in the towers of Arx Vaporum.

The prequel builds on everything that made the original game so successful. To fight nefarious opponents, you can deploy synergistic armor and devices that allow you to establish your own army of underlings or affect the battlefield.

Vaporum: Lockdown is out now for the Xbox One, Xbox X Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. The game was previously published on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Watch the console launch trailer down below!