Variable Barricade is out now on Switch

Variable Barricade

In this romantic comedy, a young woman tries to resist four attractive men.

After we talked a few months ago about Aksys Games’ next title, the day has finally arrived. Variable Barricade, a romantic comedy, is now available for Nintendo Switch. Hibari finds that her meddling grandfather is keen to find her a spouse, while she is equally motivated to reject them all in a comic spin on “The Bachelorette.”

Help Hibari choose the right one

Hibari – an heiress to wealth and a member of a renowned family – discovers that her eccentric grandpa has taken it upon himself to find her a spouse. The grandfather arranged for her to stay at a luxury villa with four gorgeous bachelors and a vigilant butler.

Hibari faces a slew of difficulties and temptations as her suitors strive to win her hand by any means possible. Hibari has two main objectives throughout: to frighten off each of these potential marriage partners and to refuse to fall in love.

On Nintendo Switch, Variable Barricade is now available. Each copy of the game’s first edition comes with a set of five premium cards portraying the major characters. The game is available at Playasia for $49.99.

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