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Video Games Live Dies

The video game concert tour known as Video Games Live, featuring music from various popular video games, has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The tour that was supposed to kick off this Saturday (October 29th) in Seattle, will now only carry out the Seattle and Vancouver events, both over this weekend. Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and other major cities in the United States will not get their originally planned stop on the tour.

An organizer of the event, Tommy Tallarico of G4 fame, said that “trying to do something as unique as this is VERY challenging…If we are guilty of anything it is that we hoped that more people would have been supportive of the concept and idea. Sure people have interest (like everyone here today) but if that excitement doesn’t translate into support through ticket sales… how can anyone put on a show? Especially one as complex and expensive as ours.

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We have been doing something that no one has ever attempted… bringing a live orchestra with tons of special FX, video, rock-n-roll lighting, etc. In order to put on the best experience possible… it costs a LOT of money and ticket sales need to be very positive not average. Why are they average?? Because Video Games Live is a completely new concept that is very difficult to explain to people.”