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Viewtiful Joe 2 Review

Developer: Clover Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: November 18, 2004 Also On: GCN and PS2

If there is one new super hero in the past 2 years in which I thought deserved some great recognition it is definitely Viewtiful Joe. Viewtiful Joe has got just about everything: super speed, matrix slow motion, and the ability to do some super moves. Did I mention he does this with incredible style? Style, surprisingly, is the most important feature of a super hero. Imagine the greatest super powers executed in terrible style (Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, anyone?). Now imagine the crappiest super powers executed in an incredible style (Batman, anyone?). Being such a new super hero, it’s surprising that Joe has ANY style, but he does.

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If you haven’t played the original Viewtiful Joe, then I suggest you do. A friend suggested it to me, and I was unwilling. But I played it, and I loved it. Viewtiful Joe is one clear example of why I love 2003 for gaming so much. For all those who did play Viewtiful Joe, then I should tell you that the sequel is eerily similar to the original you loved so much.

However, there are some very interesting new features that make this game worthy of the title. The biggest new feature is the ability to play as Sylvia. While she is a rather unlikable character in this game (a self-proclaimed master of both games), there are some people who love playing as her. There are new enemies to fight, but they feel a lot like the original enemies.

You have to love the new storyline and bosses. Starting from where the last game left off, Viewtiful Joe and Sexy Sylvia has to fight an evil alien force bent on taking over the world. There are many twists and turns in this storyline that give it the feel of a B-rated movie, a hilarious B-rated movie. The VJ games have this unique humor in which you can’t help but smile or laugh when you see a cut-scene. As for the bosses, they have great variety. There is even a poetic tiger (one of my favorite boss in both games).

The problem that many have with both games is that it doesn’t really explain the puzzles and physics. Most people sent me emails like “How do you pass —-?â€? I usually respond in a two-sentence answer, and I get a response like, “W00T! How are you supposed to figure that out?!â€? The same problem that was in Viewtiful Joe remains in its sequel. I suggest a strategy guide if you need help (don’t e-mail me!), and really is the only flaw which keeps this game from perfection.

As for the graphics and audio, it’s just like the previous game. Great graphics (the graphics engine obviously didn’t get old, because remember, it is only a year old). The character models are even better in this game than the previous one, though. There are also some very sweet tracks to listen to (mainly while you fight most bosses).

Replay is the key to this game. So far, I beat this game 3 times. However, my first try only took me 9 hours. I understand that most won’t play this game more than twice (if even once). However, there are some great unlockables that require you to play more than once, as well as multiple difficulties.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Capcom did this, except they added a little, and forgot to fix the original’s biggest flaws. However, I still adore this game. In my opinion, it is better than the original. I predicted that the Viewtiful Joe series will be the Mega Man series of this generation (the classic series which spawned multiple games that followed the entire “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it� philosophy and it did work quite well) and this game only adds more evidence to my prediction. Viewtiful Joe 2 is nothing short of a masterpiece. Henshin a go go baby!

Graphics: 9
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 9
Creativity: 10
Replay Value/Game Length: 9
Final: 9.5
Written by Simon Review Guide