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Vigor launches on PS4 and PS5

Vigor screenshot

The free-to-play looter shooter Vigor is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The PS4 version of Vigor features the full gameplay experience present on other current consoles. As expected, the PS5 version takes full advantage of the next-gen console’s enhancements. For instance, loading times have shrunk thanks to the SSD and players can experience the game in 4K resolution.

“Many have asked about cross-play for Vigor since the team announced the PlayStation version,” publisher Bohemia Interactive says. “While cross-play with other platforms will not be possible, the team is enabling cross-generation play. No matter if you play on your PS4 or PS5, your progression and purchases will be consistent across both.”

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Vigor is already available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It’s free-to-play on those platforms as well.

Watch the PlayStation launch trailer below!