Viking action-RPG Rune 2 gets November release date

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The upcoming action-RPG Rune 2 is launching worldwide on November 12, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

The Viking-inspired saga from Madison-based Human Head Studios has a new trailer out demonstrating how players can select a Norse god with which to align, each giving unique powers. Aligning with Thor will give you the power of his lightning hammer, while Odin can summon a swarm of ravens.

Human Head says that Rune 2 will also begin open beta testing Deathmatch Modes on September 20 through September 22. Fans will be able to join both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch games where 16 players will battle to see who is the best in Valhalla.

The original Rune was released on PC back in 2000 and later ported to PS2. That game was based on Ragnarok where it showed the battle between the Norse gods Odin and Loki.