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Virtua Fighter 2 and more Sega Genesis games added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Sega Genesis games for July 2022 out now for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers can claim four more classic Sega Genesis games including Virtua Fighter 2 and more.

Four more Sega Genesis classics are now available to download for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members. Nintendo Switch Online includes a number of benefits including a library of free NES and SNES games. In addition, the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack also comes with new Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games each month.

Nintendo announced that December’s lineup includes the following Sega Genesis games:

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  • Alien Storm
  • Columns
  • Golden Axe II
  • Virtua Fighter 2

In addition to the new Sega Genesis games, Nintendo recently added the N64 classics Mario Party and Mario Party 2 to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack. Nintendo Switch Online costs $20 per year. The inclusion of the optional Expansion Pack brings the total to $50 per year.

We have descriptions of the new Sega Genesis games below!

Golden Axe II

Three years after the battle with the evil giant Death Adder, the wicked emperor Dark Guld obtains the power of the legendary Golden Axe and leads a clan of demons to conquer the world. Ax, Tyris, and Gilius, the heroes who previously saved the world, must once again embark on a journey into a strange world inhabited by revamped wizards, lizardmen, and minotaurs.

Alien Storm

When a vicious alien species invades Earth, it’s up to the fearless Alien Busters to stop the threat! Two players can get in on the action at the same time and choose from three heroes to take out the aliens ravaging the city: Garth, the bazooka-wielding tough guy; Karen, the lone wolf with a flamethrower; and Scooter, the robot with an electromagnetic whip.


This falling-piece puzzle game captivates with gorgeous jewels and soothing audio. Connect gems in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines to clear them. Features many modes, including two-player Doubles or Flash Columns.

Virtua Fighter 2

The 3D fighter that became a household name makes its 2D debut! A variety of fighters, each masters of styles like bajiquan, jeet kune do, pankration, and pro wrestling, face off to earn the title of the world’s greatest.

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