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Volcanoids adds Steam Workshop support

Volcanoids Steam Workshop support

The Volcanoids community’s creativity will be unleashed now that Steam Workshop has arrived in the game.

The Volcanoids team announced today that Steam Workshop support is now available in the Early Access steampunk survival shooter. Modders may alter Volcanoids and tweak nearly anything in the game using the Steam Workshop.

Drillships, guns, armor, and more now can be modified

Volcanoids, for those who are unaware, sends players on a journey to a desolate island plagued by strange volcanic outbursts produced by mechanical monsters. To survive the island’s natural elements, players must hijack and improve a drillship in order to descend under volcanic eruptions that render the surface inhospitable for extended periods of time.

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Discover the secret behind the eruptions on your own and reclaim the island as your home, or take up the task with two to four people in multiplayer. At the time of the Steam Workshop support announcement, the Volcanoids Steam Workshop has 60 mods available.

“With full modding support now in the hands of the Volcanoids community, we’re excited to see just how crazy things will get,” said Volcanoids marketing manager Richard Rampas. “We opened the doors early to a few excited modders in a beta branch just a few weeks ago and we’re already seeing all kinds of super cool mods ready in Steam Workshop. Shout out to Melodic Albuild, Lord Gregory, Labyrinth, and everyone else who’ve jumped in and started creating!”

Volcanoids is now available on PC through Steam Early Access. To celebrate its Steam Workshop debut, the game is on sale for 25% off on Steam this week.

Watch the trailer of Volcanoids down below!