Voltage High Society is a retro-inspired 3D Metroidvania

Voltage High Society announced for Steam

Indie developer Platonic Partnerships has announced the upcoming release of Voltage High Society.

Voltage High Society is a 3D first-person Metroidvania. This ’90s-inspired cyberpunk horror game features Metroidvania gameplay mechanics. Expect a “modern retro puncher influenced by movies like Tetsuo The Iron Man and Escape From New York.”

“Voltage High Society takes you on a journey where you are a nameless prisoner thrown into an island ruled by cybernetic monsters. Fight your way through the horrors, gain new weapons and abilities, and look for a way out,” Platonic Partnerships says.

Voltage High Society launches on PC via Steam Early Access on July 27. The game is expected to be in Early Access for approximately ten to fourteen months. The Early Access version will include only one map of five planned maps.

Watch a trailer for the game below!

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