VR action-puzzle platformer Hyperstacks coming to Steam Early Access


Spanish indie developer Squirrel Bytes is bringing Hyperstacks to Steam Early Access in Q2 2021.

The VR action-puzzle platformer comes with its own level editor. The editor lets users create their own deadly levels and share them with the community. Players fight against enemies, climb walls, solve puzzles, and dodge traps.

According to Squirrel Bytes, they plan to have monthly featured levels, Discord events, and contests. There are incentives for trying to create the best level possible. Creators can win cosmetics when their level is upvoted. Plus, you can play cooperatively or competitively with friends online or against other players’ ghosts.

Hyperstacks is coming to Steam Early Access and it will remain like that for approximately a year. The game will be in “constant development with new content and with improved visuals,” the developer says.

Check out some gameplay below!

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