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Warfield 100 Battlefield 2042 Battle Royale

The community was hoping for a Battlefield Battle Royale, and one Reddit user made it happen.

After EA confirmed that Battlefield 2042 would not have the long-awaited Battle Royale for the fans, one of the most anticipated game modes of the game was Portal. Not only because of the nostalgia of being able to play between different generations of soldiers that we have seen in previous games but also because of the Rules Editor. Although DICE said it would have limitations and that players will “not be able to build a Battle Royale mode,” Reddit user chbmg has achieved the “impossible!”

A great job done by just one fan

After much work and hours of calculations, he has announced on the Battlefield Portal Reddit his Warfield 100 project, a Battle Royale experience made entirely with the rules editor of the Portal game mode. As chbmg explains in the Reddit post, Warfield 100 boasts a number of features found in the mode, many of which are similar to other modern Battle Royales like Call of Duty: Warzone.

Clearly, chbmg wasn’t expecting the support that his game mode has received. He has noted that Warfield 100’s features could change over time following tweaks and bug fixes, as there is still a lot to do with the mode’s current format. He also hopes that, with the impact that the game mode has had, other developers who are fans of the game can join in to improve this mode that has made up for the shortcomings of the official game.

Welcome to Warfield 100

Upon entering a Warfield 100 game, players appear in a pre-lobby area. Equipped with random equipment, players can use this time to perform target practice while waiting for the room to fill up. They are then dropped directly onto the battlefield.

Clearly, the limitations that DICE talked about are noticeable, as the game mode has no way to deploy from a plane or bus like other Battle Royales have to be dropped into action. The way to enter the game is through a parachute, and each character will have a starting pistol, as well as secondary weaponry (grenades).

As chbmg explains in his post, Portal’s editor does not allow you to place items such as loot on the ground for players to pick up and replace their guns. In an ingenious workaround, the Reddit user’s gameplay prompts players when they are near a gun via an on-screen message displaying the words “on-loot.” From here, players must repeatedly crouch three times, at which point the Battlefield gods will replace their current weapon with nearby objects.

The most incredible thing about the gameplay, and the reason many players have taken off their hats in admiration for the work accomplished with Warfield 100, is the game’s zone circle. Instead of relying on deadly gases to eliminate the player from the game, chbmg has managed to place a giant circle of characters managed by the game’s AI, which move in sync to reduce this outer circle that denotes the playable space. If any player tries to get out of the circle or is left behind, the game’s AI will take care of eliminating him.

If another player kills you, you enter a sort of prison-like area very similar to Warzone‘s Gulag, where players will have to kill other players in order to get out. The first time you die, you will only have to kill one player to be able to return to the game, the second time you will have to kill two players, and so on until you are killed a fifth time, and you are eliminated from the game.

A success of the community everywhere you look

It is incredible that a fan, who does not have the necessary tools or the necessary workgroup, can achieve game modes of this magnitude. Despite the many bugs that the game mode has at the moment, all the users who reacted to chbmg’s post on the Battlefield Portal subreddit have let him know that he has done an incredible job.

Being surprised by the positive feedback on his post, he has commented as follows: “Wow, I didn’t expect a big reception since I’m a newbie to Reddit. Thank you very much for the awards and kind words!”

“Also, from the comments and testing, I think the game mode still needs a decent amount of work (e.g. oddly the game often crashes after the game mode is over after the XP screen, needs adjustment to pre-game lobby logic so more players can play rather than being stuck spectating, could use a better loot pickup system as suggested by others, etc.). I hope to have updates for it over time,” he added.

If you want to try this game mode, chbmg is hosting games every hour or two for several days. Alternatively, you can host a game yourself by entering the code AAGDWA in Battlefield Portal.

Take a look at the game mode on PlayStation 5 down below!

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