Warframe Old Blood update goes live on PC with Kuva Lich and Grendel

Digital Extremes today released the biggest update for Warframe so far this year. The Old Blood update adds the Kuva Lich, a new Nemesis-like system, and Grendel, the 42nd Warframe.

The update also ties in a “meaty upgrade” to melee combat. There are hundreds of buffed/re-balanced weapons, mid-air melee attacks (juggles), improved combos, and more. It also reworks two classic Warframes, Ember and Vauban.

“The much-anticipated debut of the Kuva Lich challenges veteran players with a new Nemesis-like game system,” Canadian developer Digital Extremes says. “As players encounter and re-encounter their evolving nemesis, the Kuva Lich amasses resources, territory, and allies that will alter their next encounter, whether planetside or – when Empyrean launches – aboard a deep space warship.”

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In addition to the Kuva Lich, The Old Blood update also introduces Grendel as the 42nd Warframe. Grendel “is armed with stomach-churning abilities that consume and regurgitate his enemies. These abilities empower his party and deal massive damage and also can send Grendel barreling over the opposition,” the developers say.

Grendel can be constructed for free from parts acquired in-game or purchased in the Marketplace. Watch trailers for Grendel and the Kuva Lich below:

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