Warframe Operation: Buried Debts out now alongside new playable character Hildryn

Operation: Buried Debts, the latest free community event for Warframe, is out now on PC.

According to the developers at Digital Extremes, Operation: Buried Debts “poses a disturbing new wrinkle to the evolving story of Fortuna‘s debt-internment colony.”

Following the original expansion and the subsequent update, The Profit-Taker, Tenno are thrust into a new storyline that re-defines the cynical deal Nef Anyo holds over the Solaris United Faction. Teaming up with your fellow Tenno won’t just be a good idea, it will be a must!

Players hungry for a new Warframe play-style and dynamic new visual aesthetic should enjoy Hildryn, the newest Warframe. Unlike most Warframes, Hildryn draws from her Shields to fuel her Abilities, while Energy works to recharge them. Take her to the skies and rain down destruction with a powerful set of offensive and team-based tools!

In addition to the new operation, Digital Extremes also added Hildryn, the game’s 39th Warframe. For more details on Hildryn, check out the character profile video below:

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