Wartales Early Access update adds 4th region


The development team continues to invest heavily in improving the game before the official release of the game.

Shiro Games has announced that Wartales, its open-world tactical RPG, will receive a new update. This new update introduces a new territory, which players will be able to explore starting today, as well as new features, signaling a fresh step forward in the game’s growth.

For those unfamiliar with Wartales, it’s an open-world tactical RPG inspired by Scottish landscapes in which the player guides a band of swashbucklers to complete tasks, acquire money, and embark on risky and exciting adventures, all while shaping their gaming experience.

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As the party grows, they will visit the ruins of the Edoran Empire, as well as areas devastated by the Great Plague. Players must explore the wetlands while avoiding being killed by a slew of new monsters. The residents of this new location known as Ludern include mosquitoes, swamp boars, bears, and new human opponents.

A completely new and challenging region

The Kingdom of Harag, Ludern debuts in this new version, and it’s not just one of the game’s most hazardous locales yet, but it’s also badly contaminated. Players will be confronted with a land that has been largely ravaged by the epidemic, with the clans and trackers still fighting for dominance.

Wartales is now in Early Access on Steam for PC. All Wartales owners will receive the new game update for free.

Watch the new trailer of the game down below!

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