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Player feedback has been taken into account and an update to this tactical RPG has arrived.

Shiro Games announced today that Wartales, its new open-world tactical RPG, has received a new update that includes a slew of new features.

For those who are unfamiliar with Wartales, it is an open-world tactical RPG in which the player guides a band of swashbucklers to complete tasks, gain wealth, and embark on risky and exciting adventures while defining their gameplay experience. As the group grows, they will visit the ruins of the Edoran Empire, as well as areas devastated by the Great Plague.

New changes to the game thanks to feedback

In addition to efficiency enhancements and bug fixes, the developers have categorized this version into four primary features. Training Centers are something that has been demanded by the community. They’ll keep track of anything that has to do with teammates’ abilities. A location where the player may optimize and re-specialize his allies’ abilities.


All active quest lines will be included in the new Quest Log, along with a brief overview of current goals. It will provide a sense of completeness and prevent the gamer from being disoriented for an extended period of time. Players may also now organize their inventory by sale price, weight, or item kind.

The most crucial addition in this new version is that players may now select whether or not they want the planet to expand with them when they start a new game. When “No Scale Mode” is enabled, the overall level of the region is decided by the sequence in which the player enters the regions: Level 1-3 in Region 1 / Level 3-4 in Region 2 / Level 4-5 in Region 3.

Wartales is available on PC via Steam Early Access. This new game update has arrived for free for those players who have purchased the game.