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Watch 12 minutes of MediEvil remake gameplay on PS4

The developers of the upcoming MediEvil remake for PS4 released nearly 12 minutes of gameplay during Tokyo Game Show.

As you can imagine, the MediEvil remake on PS4 is a dramatic visual improvement over the PlayStation classic. And despite all of the subtitles being in Japanese, you’ll get the gist of what’s going on.

Back in 2017, Sony announced a 4K remaster of the 1998 PS1 action-adventure game MediEvil for the PS4. The game has since become a full-blown remake from the developers at Other Ocean Interactive.

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Those developers recently sat down for a behind-the-scenes video looking at the development of the remake on PS4. One of the developers compares resurrecting the franchise to an archaeological project.

The MediEvil remake launches on PS4 on October 25 for $29.99.