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Watch Dogs: Legion

Ubisoft revealed today that Watch Dogs: Legion Update 1 (Title Update 4.0) is available tomorrow on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Google Stadia.

Title Update 4.0 adds exclusive features for Season Pass holders in Watch Dogs: Legion’s single-player and multiplayer modes, including:

  • Mina Sidhu, a new playable hero character: Mina Sidhu, a former research subject, now wields the power of mind control and can take complete control of an opponent using her Mind-Control Device, the OMNI Optik. She also has a Mental Blast that can disrupt nearby foes.
  • A new DedSec Stories mission, Swipe Right: DedSec learns in this latest single-player quest that someone in London is plotting with an Egyptian minister to auction off the country’s antiquities, with the proceeds going to finance violent rebels.

The update also includes a slew of new freebies for both single-player and online games, including:

Single-player campaign

  • Two new Operatives have been added: the DJ and the First Responder.
  • Operative Customization: Players can change the hair and body art of their Operatives.
  • Five modern operational capabilities:
  1. Pickpocket: Each takedown allows operators to receive currency.
  2. Second Wind: After beating opponents, operators quickly restore fitness.
  3. Albion or Clan Kelley enemies will fight if they are discovered somewhere in London.
  4. Hoarder: Operatives can rob and bring more ammunition if they are a hoarder.
  5. Stuntman: Operators suffer minor injuries from crashes, fires, and car collisions.

Online Mode

  • 3 Co-op Missions: 
  1. In “Dysfunction,” a pair of enigmatic Clan Kelley hackers known only as the Cousins have crippled London’s court systems in a DDoS raid. They are seeking the dismissal of all charges against Kelley’s family members as a ransom.
  2. Clan Kelley murders four Tidis workers at Southwark Incinerator in “Meltdown.” Bagley suspects Clan Kelley has purchased an advanced plasma projectile with a half-life so small that it is only visible in a body for a short period after death.
  3. In “Repossession,” Albion has a cache of data drives belonging to the original DedSec, which they plan to use to track down successful DedSec Operatives.
  • Five brand-new solo assignments
  • 2 Cooperative Gadgets:
  1. A Tidis Guardian Drone that escorts and protects local Operatives.
  2. Observation Defense Drones: A throwable system that launches a cloud of drones to intercept incoming fire.

Furthermore, Ubisoft has outlined the availability of free updates for all Watch Dogs: Legion players and new, exclusive content for season pass owners through single-player and multiplayer modes as part of Watch Dogs: Legion’s post-launch plans in 2021.

All Watch Dogs: Legion players can receive the following free post-launch content:

In the multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs: Legion, players will have access to two additional PvP modes: Extraction and fan favorite, Invasion, as well as a new Tactical Op, Project Omni, at the end of May. Project Omni is an intense and complex challenge that will enable players to strategize with their four-person squad to penetrate a covert project to discover why Londoners’ Optik gadgets are adversely impacting their brains.

Watch the Update 1 trailer below!

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