Watch out, the beta of the Amazon game, New World, can fry your RTX 3090

New World RTX 3090

It is common for developers to advise us that playing a product in alpha or beta mode may result in some problems owing to the game not having been completely tested, but if this causes damage to your graphics card, this is cause for concern!

According to users and broadcasters on forums and social media, this is exactly what is occurring with Amazon’s New World game. The bulk of difficulties appear to be related to the EVGA model of the GeForce RTX 3090, one of the most powerful and costly graphics cards on the market. Gladd, a streamer, was among the first to post a Twitter notice, claiming categorically that the videogame had frozen her graphics card, leaving it useless.

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Fried graphic cards everywhere

This has extended to gaming forums and Reddit, where everyone is struggling with the same model. For example, after hitting the button to access the closed beta of New World, “immediately the graphic’s fans climbed to 100 percent while the fps plummeted to zero, putting the monitor to a standstill and the card stopped identifying the equipment,” according to Goatz.

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Surprisingly, he was able to restart the PC and play a few games without issue, but when he returned to New World, the difficulties resumed. The team is now unable to leave the system’s starting procedure after a pitiful moment. Furthermore, this is not the first time something like this has occurred…

Ian Firth, a video game developer, joined the debate via Twitter. He stated that what is occurring with the New World beta had all the characteristics of a basic development mistake, which has before occurred in the industry and created stylistic difficulties.

Because the pattern stays the same: maximum fan speed and fps, black screen, and no reaction from the card, players are regularly added to the list of those afflicted by this probable programming or manufacturing error in EVGA’s RTX 3090. In each case, they are seeking refunds for the EVGA RTX 3090 graphics card, despite the fact that the issue is completely due to poor game optimization

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