Watch the new Gun Jam gameplay trailer

Gun Jam

We can see the pure essence of this rhythm-based FPS game in this new trailer.

Jaw Drop Games and Raw Fury have unsurprisingly released a gameplay clip for their upcoming game, Gun Jam. Following a brief glimpse of the game in January, the development team has shown a new trailer at the Future Games Show, in which we can see a little more in detail what the game has to offer.

Gun Jam is a rhythm-based first-person shooter in which the ubiquitous “Beat” governs everything and residents dance to the beat of the speakers. Your mission is to revolt and break free from its mesmerizing spell.

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The Jaw Drop Games team has developed an original, multi-genre soundtrack comprised of EDM, metal, and trap music that will let you groove in a succession of various locales in Mubel’s colorful metropolis.

A gameplay trailer with lots of rhythm and shooting

This fascinating original music was one of the highlights of yesterday’s gaming teaser. Certain gameplay aspects were demonstrated when the action was set to “Fuel Cell,” the Gun Jam soundtrack’s EDM tune.

Gun Jam

Gun Jam has an amazing gameplay experience with its unique shooting mechanics, beat pattern, exciting gunfights synchronized to the soundtrack, immersive art style, and vibrant environment that reacts to the music. You must match your shots to the beat sequence to survive off hordes of tranced soldiers to survive the musical dystopia and bring freedom back to the public.

You can now add Gun Jam to your Steam wishlist.

Watch the new gameplay trailer down below!

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