Watch us try Inukari: Chase of Deception on Xbox Series X

Inukari: Chase of Deception

We enjoy 18min of gameplay minutes, and the first boss fight of this pixelated platformer.

If any publisher has caught our attention lately, for releasing game after promising game, it’s Red Deer Games. Today, we take a look at the Polish publisher’s new platformer, Inukaru: Chase of Deception, a retro-style platformer developed by Einzelartig Games that seeks to endear itself to fans of this genre with fluid movements.

Gameplay and First Boss Fight.

Presenting an interesting story, this platformer welcomes us with an introduction to what awaits us in the adventure. We start in the forest, where with a simple, we can discover the movement mechanics of the game, combat mechanics and see the incredible pixelated graphic style that Einzelartig presents us.

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Even so, it presents us with a slow start, where we miss those mechanics of movement and fluidity that Red Deer Games presented us in the presentation trailer of the title. Likewise, we have also had the battle with the first boss of the game.

Very simple battle, that following what we saw in the 18 minutes of gameplay we played, the game seems to be looking to hide many mechanics that will be seen later in the title.

If you are a fan of platformers, this is a title worth giving a chance. Although we only saw the first “world” of the game, there were elements that left something to be desired, however, it is still a good title.

Inukari: Chase of Deception is available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox X|S Series.

Watch the 18 min gameplay and the First Boss Fight of Inukari: Chase of Deception down below.

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