Wave Race 64 added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Wave Race 64 added to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

The classic jet ski racing game Wave Race 64 just got added to Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack just added Wave Race 64 to its slowly-growing Nintendo 64 collection of games on the Switch console.

Originally released in 1996 shortly after the launch of the N64, this water-based racing game lets you compete against a friend or up to three AI competitors.

Here’s a description from Nintendo:

Wave Race 64 features nine challenging courses set across scenic locales. Go airborne with dolphins on the golden shores of Sunset Bay, cruise under the bright lights and tall buildings of Twilight City, feel the crashing waves on Sunny Beach or chill out on the frigid waters of Glacier Coast, just to name a few. Plus, racing conditions will change with the weather, making the water choppy or covering the course with fog. The waves will even respond to the way that you and your rivals move!

Wave Race 64 is available now for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. In addition to the benefits of Nintendo Switch Online, the Expansion Pack also gives you access to a selection of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. Nintendo Switch Online costs $20 per year while the inclusion of the Expansion Pack brings the total to $50.

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