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Wayward Strand

Step aboard a strange flying hospital in Wayward Strand where life goes on around you as you play. The game is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Wayward Strand is a novel type of interactive story set in a living world. It’s a thoughtful, heartwarming story woven from multiple distinct threads, all of which take place at the same time aboard a flying hospital in 1970s Australia.

Players take on the role of Casey, a teen who is visiting the hospital for the first time. Casey’s mother is the head nurse of the brand-new hospital being built on the airship. She has asked you to spend three days in the aged care ward, where you explore the ship’s mysteries and get to know the elderly patients and staff.

Meet dozens of characters

Throughout the game, you will meet and interact with over a dozen characters who live or work on the airship and go about their daily lives as you explore. Some are charming, some are eccentric, some are rude. Each character has their own personality, desires, goals, imaginations, and story.

We explore many themes in their stories, including care and neglect, infirmity and death, friendship and community. These are also personal stories inspired by real stories and histories told to the developers as children.

Experimental design

Goldie Bartlett, the art director from indie developer Ghost Pattern, says “Wayward Strand is a really different experience as a video game, and that speaks to our inspirations.”

“We love games with experimental narrative structures like The Last Express, and we’re also drawing from interactive theatre. Playing Wayward Strand isn’t about challenge or trying to solve puzzles. It’s about being an active participant in a world full of unfolding stories,” she added.

Ghost Pattern is looking forward to releasing Wayward Strand next year for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Watch the Wayward Strand trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0-hSYhqgwI&w=1280&h=721]

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