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Weapon of Choice DX is out now on consoles

A hand-crafted shooting adventure with a bunch of fun twists.

After being announced on July 7th for PC, the game developed by Mommy’s Best Games, Weapon of Choice DX, is now available on all platforms.

The wild and crazy shooting adventure is here.

Weapon of Choice DX is a short and quick run and gun shooter with four different endings and seven different difficulty settings. Play sessions are brief, lasting only around 10-15 minutes, yet they are jam-packed with diversity and surprises. Players may pick different paths to go and discover new levels and characters on the fly.

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The DX version improves on the award-winning XBLIG hit by adjusting the difficulty, adding hidden treasures, a new widescreen layout, and uprezzing the 4K graphics.

“I looked at every aspect of the beloved run and gun genre and tried to introduce something original and exciting. It’s still a hand-crafted shooting adventure, not a rogue-like, but there are lots of fun twists” said lead designer Nathan Fouts.

“For instance, while you have three playable lives, there’s no standard ‘life’ system. The three lives are all unique characters! And if you can actually rescue a new character you find in a level, you’ll get them permanently as they act as a new life!”

Weapon of Choice DX is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Watch the game’ launch trailer down below.