Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space Blasts Off

Anticipated from here to Nebulon Fifteen (the one orbiting Wharzel, not the Nebulon
Fifteen in the Rawnad Arm, but you probably already knew that), Digital Eel’s Weird
Worlds: Return To Infinite Space has gotten the green light from space command and is
now blasting off! Independent publisher Shrapnel Games will begin shipping Weird
Worlds worldwide and beyond, and soon gamers everywhere will begin to chart their
own cosmic adventures on their PC.

Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space is the highly addictive Windows-based follow-
up to Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. With a nod to today’s hectic gamer on-the-
go, Weird Worlds creates a fantastic universe of epic proportions, yet manages to squeeze
it all into an improbably tightly wrapped shell.

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In Weird Worlds you can trade with bizarre aliens, discover new lifeforms and ancient
artifacts, chart the uncharted depths of space, meet new friends, blast intergalactic scum,
and maybe—just maybe—get rich and famous while doing it all. And you can do all this
in about thirty minutes or less. Which means this is both the perfect game for your lunch
break, and the perfect game for when you want to stay up all night playing games, and
feel like you’ve really accomplished something.

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