Wekufu is a dark hack-and-slash game with hand-drawn 2D graphics


Get a sneak peek at the crowdfunding campaign for this dark, hand-drawn 2D hack and slash from Chile.

The Kickstarter campaign to support the creation of Stickerb Games’ new game, Wekufu, has been open for a week, according to the company. Wekufu is a dark, hand-drawn 2D hack and slash game coming to Xbox and PC.

Avenge Sakinko father’s death

Wekufu is all about avenging yourself. For being different, for something you can’t alter, accept, and protect: your identity, you’ve been exiled. You’ll take on the role of Sakinko, a teenage warrior on a mission to avenge her father’s murder and defend her people from the terrible spirits known as Wekufu that now threaten their home.

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Stickerb Games’ game has hard combat-focused gameplay in which we will employ three distinct talents to increase our fighting skills and combinations. Build your character around Health, Newen, or Critical Chance, or mix and match to discover your ideal build and exact vengeance.

A campaign that looks promising

With 23 days left, the Kickstarter effort to assist the developer to pay Wekufu‘s production expenses has already received support from 24 supporters, bringing it to nine percent of its target. If you’re interested in supporting the Kickstarter campaign for this obscure but incredibly enjoyable hack & slash platformer, you can do so here.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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