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Welcome to My Cave launches on Android and iOS

Welcome to My Cave

This eye-catching simulator will transport you to a prehistoric and primitive era.

Welcome to My Cave, a new mobile game from Error300 Games, is now available for Android and iOS devices. This new title from the makers of Tangram Collection offers us a simulator that will transport us to the primitive origins of humanity.

Make your settlement the most modern in prehistory

In Welcome to My Cave, you play as the young chief of a new tribe looking to impress his father with your leadership abilities. Each town, like every other simulation game, begins with tool-making and farming. Furthermore, when you build more sophisticated technology and better the lives of your tribe members after the cave, you will bring a fresh perspective to life.

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Welcome to My Cave

Research and invest in new technologies to enhance output, grow your civilization from stone structures to contemporary housing, and you may even be able to visit Mars, despite the fact that the red planet was unknown in prehistoric times, but you may be the first to do so!

Welcome to My Cave is now available for free on Android and iOS devices. The game is free for the first year of the campaign, but if we want to access all of the material, we must spend an additional $1.99.

Watch the game trailer down below!