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We’re Back!

After a long and unwelcome departure from everyday activity, secluded from humanity in the bowels of our hosts’ innermost sanctum, Game Freaks 365 is now back online after a month of reprieve. Our loyal fanbase was steadfast and resolute in their support, standing by every day that ticked by, anticipating the return of the lone beacon of hope for an independent and untarnished voice for gamers from vast swaths of the globe. Not that we don’t have our detractors that repel the very sight of fairness and truth. The staff and fans of Game Freaks 365 may be mortal, but the hope and excitement for this site is eternal. We will move forth and we will prevail in our quest to righteous reporting and thoughtful opining for the fan, the detractor and the cynical gamer in all of us. Enough of that talk though: we’re back baby!