We’re getting rid of push notifications

In modern society, we’re bombarded with information left and right. It can be overwhelming. And while we want to make it easy for you to read our content, we also don’t want to be a pest.

To that end, we’re eliminating push notifications as a feature on the site. New visitors will no longer get a prompt asking them to voluntarily sign up for push notifications. Frankly, the prompts are annoying and they slow the site. So getting rid of them will improve the user experience.

For subscribers who want to continue to receive regular news updates from us, we recommend bookmarking our homepage, following us on Twitter, and liking us on Facebook. Alternatively, sign up for our newsletter to receive news and reviews in your inbox every morning.

As always, we welcome your feedback in the comments section below!

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  • Kieran says:

    Super interesting decision! Love that this was done to improve the user experience and that you have such respect for your audience’s overloaded state of mind! I’m a PhD student studying push-notifications, so this is extra interesting for me ? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook’s method of push-notifications as your alternative?

    For example: GF365 shares a post about the next Pokemon Go community day on Fb and Twitter. The subsequent push-notifications generated by those platforms can be just as, if not more, annoying. I might get a duplicate notification from Twitter even though I was already alerted by Facebook. Also, those platforms control what notifications I see and when they are delivered.. based on my individual social persona on those individual sites.. plus a bunch of other metrics which they use to tempt me back on to their platforms! So they may decide I don’t need to see the Pokemon Go notification immediately and only show it days/weeks later when it’s redundant. Or they may wait until I’m particularly vulnerable (e.g. no more willpower) and hook me in to spending 2 hours endlessly scrolling their feeds after I read the Pokemon Go update!

    So I’m wondering if an even better user experience would be for GM365 to keep the push-notification feature (control over alerts) and we turn off the push-notification feature for Fb and Twitter? Clearly, you guys have more empathy toward our state-of-mind (demonstrated by your decision here) than the other platforms! Would love to hear your thoughts ?

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