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West of Dead is out now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass

West of Dead

Raw Fury’s fast-paced, twin-stick cover shooter West of Dead just launched on PC and Xbox One. Plus, it’s free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Here’s more from Adam Langridge, co-founder and developer at indie developer Upstream Arcade:

At the heart of West of Dead is the desire to have a western-style shootout, but with modern arcade sensibilities. We want you to deal with enemies all around you – in true twin-stick style but to also plan your movements and count your bullets behind cover. The entire game fits around this, tries to make you get into cover, and then get out again while dealing with lots of scary things from all angles.

To bridge these two flavors of action, you are kitted out with a lot of tools to use. Whether diving to avoid bullets, sliding into cover, or vaulting from one side of cover to another, there is always a route to safety. However, you’re pretty dangerous too — with a wide variety of weapons and abilities to discover as you make your way through; no two fights will feel quite the same.



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