Whalefall Kickstarter campaign starts today


Less than a day after the launch, it already has more than 60 campaign backers.

The Kickstarter campaign for Whitethorn Games’ fantasy JRPG, Whalefall, was launched this week. Over $5,000 has been pledged to the indie developer’s Kickstarter campaign thus far.

A fantasy JRPG visual novel

This visual novel fantasy RPG takes place in the hundred-year-old land of Osfeld, which is situated in an original fantasy setting filled with friendly wandering monsters. A whale’s life naturally comes to an end after per century.


They gracefully fall to the ground in the Baleen Wastelands, sparking a fight over their priceless remains. The Stoneshield Legion has taken matters into their own hands this time, bringing down a sky whale and causing pandemonium in Osfeld.

As Coty, you’ll meet friends, make enemies, form romances, fight, level up, customize, and explore your way through Whitethorn Games’ three-act indie JRPG.

So why bet on Kickstarter?

The company discusses the numerous features of the game, which are influenced by elements of key sagas such as Fire Emblem and Suikoden, using text and GIFs in the Kickstarter campaign. They also explain why they chose to launch a Kickstarter campaign in this particular circumstance. With only 25 employees, Whitethorn is a small company. As a result, the team decided to use Kickstarter to co-develop the game with the community, learn from backers’ desires, and expand the product to consoles.

Whalefall can now be added to your Steam wish list. If you’d like to contribute to the project, please go here.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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