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What is Pikmin Bloom?

Pikmin Bloom

Once again it’s time to get out on the streets. This time it’s to grow Pikmin.

Unless you were born less than ten years ago or have never been interested in video games, you’ve probably heard of Pikmin. They are adorable tiny animals who are born from plants and in previous video games assisted us in overcoming various challenges.

Niantic has returned to the scene with a fresh release that has many people surprised. With the release of Pikmin Bloom, the latest augmented reality title from Niantic (the makers of Pokemon Go) and Nintendo get us out on the streets collecting Pikmin. The Pikmin are back in action, this time on mobile.

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Let’s fill the world with flowers together with the Pikmin

Pikmin Bloom is another attempt to increase the immersion of a Nintendo game, similar to how Pokémon GO works but with totally different gameplay. In this new title, we will collect and develop plants to convert them into Pikmin.

These Pikmin may be dispatched on quests to acquire objects like trinkets or fruits. You may feed your Pikmin fruit to develop petals, which helps with the game’s main goal of going out and walking around your city, planting flowers as you go, collecting enough flowers to build your army of Pikmin. But that’s not all; we’ll also try to gather all of the other sorts of Pikmin, particularly the rare ornamental Pikmin with their own distinct clothes.

The game, like Pokemon Go with egg hatching, integrates with your device’s fitness tracker, allowing you to tally the steps you take to grow more Pikmin and explore new destinations. Pikmin Bloom is now available for Android and iOS devices in all territories.

Watch the launch trailer below!