What made Super Mario World so good?

What made Super Mario World so good

Let’s discuss what made Super Mario World so good. This Nintendo classic is one of the best 2D games of its generation. Despite being a game that was released in the early 1990s, it still stands as an exceptional platformer. This gem may have been a part of your childhood. Let’s understand how it might be just as wonderful as you remember it.

Even today, this might be a game that’s worth playing on your Nintendo Switch with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. If you ever owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), you most definitely played the game because it was included with the system.

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The Theme

What made Super Mario World so good

All Mario games stick to the wholesome and cheery theme that’s the signature of the franchise. Super Mario World stays true to this theme. It’s colourful and this art style was part of what made the game so good. Because the camera of this game was fixed, as with many other side scrollers, you had to spend a lot of time looking at the backgrounds. And these backgrounds were beautiful and pleasant to look at. The visuals and the overall theme of Super Mario World are retro and still make it a worthy addition to your library in 2023.

The Music

The music of Super Mario World is so memorable and iconic. Even if you haven’t played the game before, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard some of the music of the game just because of how famous and popular they are. All of the music tracks perfectly match the game’s theme and pace. Of course, these days you can listen to the full soundtrack on YouTube without playing the game.

The Levels

What made Super Mario World so good

This is one of the best parts of the game. The word “World” is in the literal title of the game and that’s a major feature of this game. In these worlds the game’s set in, there are tons of levels with solid platforming that requires precise timing. In total, there are seven worlds in the game and about 70 levels. Exploring all of them and finding all exits will offer you about ten hours of gameplay. Of course, you will get limitless replay value trying to master these levels.

The Gameplay

What made Super Mario World so good

Super Mario World introduced many new mechanics including dashing and flying with the Cape Feather. The Cape Feather allows you to skip sections of many levels, granting quicker exits. But the game also encourages the player to actually explore the whole level because there are more exits hidden. Because the Cape Feather is so fun to use and is also somewhat difficult to get used to at first, it doesn’t feel like a cheap way to skip whole sections of the game. These power-ups which include the Cape Feather and the P-Balloon make the game more thrilling and fun to experiment with.


Let’s now discuss one of the coolest elements and characters that debuted in Super Mario World. Yoshi is a cute dinosaur that Mario can ride. Thanks to Yoshi, you can move faster and eat many of the enemies. Eating a Koopa will give Yoshi a unique power. And Yoshi’s color changes into that of the shell when he has it in his mouth. You also need to be precise with this special attack because after some time, Yoshi will swallow the shell and it will no longer be useful. Also, other than being able to perform a special attack, Yoshi will gain a special ability depending on the color of the shell. These skills include flying and throwing fireballs, for example.

Secret Areas and Stages

This element makes the game non-linear and more fun to explore. These stages lead to more secret stages, and you will get permanent bonuses and changes to the game world. Exploring the map is further encouraged because finding the keys to unlock your way to these secret worlds requires you to pay careful attention to your surroundings.

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