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What’s included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector’s Edition

Let’s see what’s included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector’s Edition, and decide whether it’s worth the hefty price. Ragnarök is one of the best recently released games, and it’s fair that many people would love to obtain souvenirs of this great adventure of Kratos and Atreus. We will be discussing the PS5/PS4 version of the Collector’s Edition in this article. Without further ado, let’s see what’s included in this edition.

A Replica of the Mjolnir Hammer

What's included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector's Edition

Mjolnir is the weapon of choice of the God of Thunder, Thor. His appearance in the game is part of what made it so popular. A replica of this hefty hammer is included in the collector’s edition and luckily, it fits the hand of a mortal well. The size of this hammer is 16” and it’s made of plastic, mainly. Its handle is wrapped in leather and it feels and looks really authentic. It’s beautifully engraved and will make a fantastic collector’s item.

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Dwarven Dice Set

What's included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector's Edition

The Dwarven Dice Set is one of my favorite inclusions of the Collector’s Edition. It’s exactly what the name suggests. They are contained in a small rustic bag and there are three dices that are made of wood. Each of these is unique and features various engravings and carvings.

Vanir Twins Carvings

What's included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector's Edition

These carvings are two inches, each. You may have seen this in-game as well, and they are featured as easter eggs in other games too, Horizon Zero Dawn, for example. These are beautifully detailed and it can even be difficult to say that they aren’t made of wood, at first glance. They certainly do not look cheap and are great additions to this collector’s edition.

Steelbook Display Case

What's included in God of War: Ragnarok Collector's Edition

While this Steelbook Display Case does not include the disc of the game, it still looks fantastic. Let me stress that again: this Collector’s Edition includes a digital download, not a physical disc. If you have a disc in your possession already, you can put it in here though. As the name says, it’s made of steel and it features two wolves as its artwork. On the back, there’s an inscription of Norse characters on it which I can’t really understand but it’s a nice touch.

Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine

This Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine is the container of all the above items, and it resembles a wooden finish, despite not being made of wood, of course. You can open the two “doors” of this shrine to reveal an artwork of a mythological incident. You may have found Knowledge Keeper’s Shrine in the game as well, in the form of collectibles.

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