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Where the Heart Leads demo debuts today for Steam Next Fest

Where the Heart Leads

The PlayStation exclusive game breaks its barriers and explores other platforms.

Armature Studio has announced that Where the Heart Leads, a narrative adventure and exploration game that was previously exclusive to PlayStation platforms, gets a free trial today via Steam Next Fest.

Follow your heart wherever it leads

Begin an ever-changing narrative journey as you explore Whit Anderson’s life. Your childhood choices have an impact on your adult life, and every decision has consequences.

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Where the Heart Leads

Make your imprint on Carthage, a tiny but dynamic city. Whit’s reputation among eccentric folks in a vibrant, breathing hometown will be decided by his words. In addition, we must follow our feelings since life’s most difficult decisions lead to dozens of different endings spanning a 600,000-word tale, which is comparable to five books or the largest AAA RPGs like the Final Fantasy series.

The PC version of Where the Heart Leads is coming out later this year via Steam and the Epic Games Store. The free demo is accessible now during Steam Next Fest.

Watch the game trailer down below!