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Wii Steals E3

Nintendo’s Wii may just have stolen the show from Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The Nintendo Wii is expected to challenge the PS3 and Xbox 360 this November at an unknown price, but it is estimated to be hundreds of dollars cheaper than its competitors. The PS3’s debut price will be $500 and $600 for two different variations of the console. To add insult to injury, Sony’s Ken Kutaragi said that the PS3 is “probably too cheap”. The high price has turned off many gamers.

“You have to play (Wii) in order to understand what it is,” said Don James, Nintendo’s executive vice president of operations. And play it they did. It was estimated by Reuters that the Wii had lines as long as 4 hours long on Thursday afternoon at E3, while lines for PS3 were closer to 30 minutes. The Wii sets itself apart by using a motion-sensing remote to capture gameplay on a television. The hardware is similar to that of the current-generation GameCube, making it more affordable and easier to develop for.

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