Winds & Leaves launches on PlayStation VR this summer

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Winds & Leaves

Canadian developer Trebuchet has confirmed the launch date and released the first gameplay video of its latest VR work, Winds & Leaves.

On July 27th, the game will be published in the midst of summer. To commemorate this occasion, the company has released the first gameplay video, which takes a deep dive into the game’s settings and features.

In Winds & Leaves, you are the only being capable of learning the ancient technique of creating plants in desolate terrain. Travel over the steppe in search of old dormant species. In this totally unique VR flora builder, you’ll learn to interpret the indications of different climates, discover distinct biomes, and establish your own forest.

Enjoy a stunningly gorgeous VR experience as you begin to create a huge forest, complete with player-grown trees, a changing, live music that reacts to the scene around you, and dynamic time and weather simulation.

Cross deserts and deserted riverbeds on your stilts, a unique mobility mechanism designed for PlayStation VR, to come upon unearthly monuments from a distant past. Discover old information about this once-thriving continent to aid you in your endeavor to make life flourish again as you develop a rich flora all over the earth. The game is a virtual reality symphony.

The gameplay video shows how The Gardener regenerates vegetation on a bleak planet. This is no simple endeavor since the guy you control has just a few basic tools and a zest for adventure. The forest will become larger and more diversified as a result of planting and harvesting increasingly complicated trees using strategies learned over centuries. Ancient sites strewn across the nation are awaiting revitalization so that they might divulge their secrets and eternally avert cataclysms.

Watch the gameplay video down below!