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Wing Island Flies onto Wii

Fasten your seatbelts! Hudson Entertainment and Konami today announced Wing Island, exclusively for the Wii, has shipped to retail stores nationwide. Delivering soaring aerial acrobatics, the game lets players use the Wii Remote to maneuver a variety of planes in and around a chain of island environments. Featuring both solo and multiplayer action, the game’s diverse missions range from racing and crop dusting to fire fighting and stopping thieves from stealing treasure. Filled with a colorful cast of animated characters, Wing Island is instantly accessible to players of all ages as they experience the thrill of flying.

Wing Island features three primary modes of play: Story Mode, Free Mode and Trial Mode. In all three game modes players can either fly solo or in formation, controlling a group of five planes simultaneously. Players have total control of their flight team, directing them to fly in a variety of formations simply by performing pre-set motions using the Wii Remote. The various formations are critical to completing mission objectives, as players zoom in and out of cramped caves, or fan out into a V-formation to deliver cargo.

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