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Wolfstride is out today on PC


Venture into the Brazilian indie RPG Wolfstride that draws heavy inspiration from manga art.

Wolfstride, a new mecha narrative RPG developed by Ota Imon and published by Raw Fury, was released today. Participate in the Ultimate Golden God Tournament with three other former comrades-in-arms.

Take the victory in the Mecha Championship

Players will have to take on and outsmart the finest mecha opponents in turn-based battle using the distinctive powers of this squad of three, which includes unusual personalities such as the dog-mech Duke, mecha pilot Knife Leopard, and wildcard Dominique Shade.

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What begins as a basic job to make money gradually transforms into a profound and slow investigation of their complex lives, the terrible decisions of their past, and their inescapable fate with the world’s future hanging in the balance.

Wolfstride is now available on PC via Steam with a 10% launch discount.

Watch the launch trailer down below!