Wonder Boy Collection launches on PS4 and Switch

Wonder Boy Collection launches on PS4 and Switch

Inin Games and Bliss Brain released Wonder Boy Collection today.

Popular throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the Wonder Boy franchise received several entries and remakes over the years, building up a following all over the world. An adaptation known as Adventure Island came out on the NES.

“With very few releases in the West, Inin Games and Bliss Brain are happy to bring this carefully curated collection for PS4 and Nintendo Switch to everyone,” the publisher says.

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The collection – which was announced in February – features four essential titles of the beloved franchise with new filters and shaders and additional features. It’s perfect for newcomers and retro enthusiasts alike.

The new collection is available digitally and as a boxed version at Playasia and Amazon for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The boxed collection retails for the value price of $29.99.

Wonder Boy (1986)

Console Port version: Arcade (SYSTEM 1)

Help Boy rescue his girlfriend, Tina, who got captured by the evil King. Guide him carefully through different areas and battle the devious enemies that await you on your quest. Use a variety of items that help Boy on his adventure. Face the evil King in various battles to reach your aim and rescue Tina!

Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987)

Console Port version: Arcade (SYSTEM 2)

Years after the adventures of Wonder Boy, peace in Wonder Land was once again threatened, by the invasion of a dragon with its evil monsters turning Wonder Land into Monster Land. Help protagonist Book fight the monsters, defeat the dragon and restore the peace to the land and its people again. On your journey, you can collect equipment and magical spells to help you in your battles. But beware – every round has a time limit so you got to be quick!

Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991)

Console Port version: SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

Guide the young, adventurous Shion and help him on his quest to defeat the evil BioMeka and his army of monsters that are threatening the land. However, Shion is not alone! Accompanied by the four spirits Priscilla, Hotta, Shabo and Rotto, he explores the different regions of Monster Land. Collect money, weapons, armor, and magic spells to get stronger and banish evil for good!

Monster World IV (1994)

Console Port version: SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis

The young girl named Asha sets out on her mission to save the four spirits that were captured by the evil wizards. With the help of Asha’s loyal companion Pepelogoo, they overcome every obstacle and fight their way through various enemies!

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