World of Mechs launches on Meta Quest 2

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World of Mechs

The competitive online squad-based VR mech game World of Mechs is out now for Meta Quest 2.

As we previously reported, World of Mechs has the backing of the Meta Grant Program. The game’s developers describe it as a “heart-stopping VR thrill ride” featuring 32 different mechs and supersized online multiplayer mayhem. It’s about high-speed, curb-stomping, jump-in / jump-out VR action.

“VR gamers have been looking for a competitive kickass mech game where they can jump into the action right away. That’s exactly what they will get with World of Mechs,” says Matt Candler, CEO of Studio 369.

“We’ve created a VR mech game that is very accessible and has a ton of depth and features to keep you coming back for more. There is a full single-player campaign, and the game really shines with the team-based online multiplayer. The entire Studio 369 team really delivered,” he adds.

The game features 20 single-player missions, multiple online modes, and 32 mechs from eight different classes. It retails for $19.99 via the Oculus website.

Watch the launch trailer below!